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* Hello !

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   I am not sure anyone will ever find this little blog through the other thousands, but hey, it's worth a try ^_^. I don't even know how to start this xD so I am gonna start by telling you some stuff about myself!

   I am just a regular 21 year old girl, a broke student(!) in a long distance relationship with the most amazing guy ever ^_^. We usually spend a lot of time together, but when we don't, i get soooooooooo bored and i start rummaging through blogs, magazines etc. 

  And I found sooo many interesting things i want to share with you!! So many diys, beauty tips, funny stuff aaaand so on and so forth. 

   So stick with me, for i will soon start posting!! 

Slogan of the day:

"Andia - reinventing the wheel..." 


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